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Our Origins

After signing petitions tirelessly, sharing and retweeting posts, having countless conversations about racism, buying books to educate myself further than the experiences I’d already faced, and refreshing pages every 10 minutes to receive updates about protests, I still felt like I wanted to do more - so I made a piece of art to depict the frustration I was feeling. The frustration that I couldn’t remember all the names, all the stories, all the lives lost, there were so many I couldn’t count. I wanted to be able to do something. Feel like I could be a part of permanent change. I guess that’s how this site was born. 

After the piece got half a million impressions on social media and I got a huge demand for the piece on t shirts, here we are! A percentage of profits from clothing sold will be continually donated to Black Owned charities. I encourage everyone to keep educating themselves, keep being a voice for change and support black businesses in every way you can. Black lives matter!

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Common Queries

What is your return policy?

If a t shirt that you’ve ordered is the wrong size, you’ll have to contact us through the website, via email, ( or through social media to see if a size you’d like to swap with is in stock. Full refund returns are also available however the cost of shipping will not be refunded.

What charities will the money be going towards?

I’m glad you ask! 100% of the profit of the FIRST BATCH of t shirts sold will be split 3 ways between:
@majaseducationproject @theblackcurriculum and @thereachoutproject. Maja’s education project focuses on selling books to people about racial injustice and donating them for free for people who can’t afford it. The black curriculum is an independent company who has taken it upon themselves to teach black history inside and outside of schools as it is not in the national curriculum. And the reach out project is an incredible organisation that is rooted in early intervention practises using mechanisms such as mentoring and workshops to support young people who are at risk of poor outcomes.
I highly recommend you look into, follow and support these three charities yourselves!

What is your delivery time?

All orders will be processed and sent out for delivery within 3-5 days of purchasing. Being delivered by second class Royal Mail results in another 2-3 working days in the postal company’s hands. So in total, your order should be with you within 5-8 working days. Covid-19 May affect these timings.

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